So, lots of you have heard at least a little about our unfortunate friction with the Hotel Monte Vista/Monte Vista Lounge in Flagstaff, Arizona. Here's the facts, just so we can be straight on it.

1) They solicited us for the gig. We had played there a little over a year before and it went well so they asked us back.

2) We agreed on a contract weeks in advance (because that's how it works.)

3) The booker we had set the gig up with never showed up to the event.

4) The sound guy presented us with a new and different contract that we had no knowledge of during our soundcheck which demanded more performance than the 3 HOURS we had previously agreed to. This contract called for an additional 30 minutes. That's right kids 210 minutes of pretzelrock. That's a lot. No extra money in this contract, just more music. And after we reluctantly agreed to this unforeseen addition (because we're good sports, and what the hell else were we going to do) they refused to give us a copy of this new contract.

5) It was a slow night. Small but sturdy crowd who had fun, danced around and bought CD's and T-shirts. We played on after the scheduled end of our performance on account of the rowdy last batch of dancing party people who just couldn't get enough. A healthy chunk of these people had stayed through the last two sets. All in all we played over the 210 minutes and we were EXHAUSTED! But we had a lot of fun and so did the people we met.

6) The next morning when we were meant to check out of the hotel and collect our pay, we received a check for over 20% less than the agreed upon contract and a copy of a handwritten note from the bar staff which contained such gems as "Pretty boring....", "Good performers....", "need a third member", "2nd set was terrible, they played sirens and started yelling", "too experimental and noisy...", "we were busy until...." blah blah blah then "CONTRACT UNFULLFILLED"

-----that's right. somehow hidden between the words in this contract was the inarguable clause SOUR PUSS BARTENDER MUST LIKE YOUR BAND OR YOU DON'T GET PAID WHAT YOU WERE PROMISED WHEN YOU DROVE TO FLAGSTAFF TO PERFORM----------

7) The Monte Vista Manager did not hand us the check personally, he hid in his office. And left us to try to squeeze answers out of the very sweet but very unprepared girl he had made a dread messenger out of.

8) When our manager called to rectify the situation (we had to leave town, to make it to Albuquerque for a show that night) the hotel manager was belligerent and rude. Providing profanity and insult in place of any reasonable explanation for their unethical violation of our contract.

9) Ultimately his version of the story whittled itself down to a 10 minute discrepancy in the start time of one of our three sets that night. So there you have it. 10 minutes off schedule equals a more than 20% pay cut that jeopardized the entirety of this leg of the DEEPER DARKER WEIRDER tour. Well that or the spiteful grumblings of a cranky bartender. Depending on which flavor of bullshit you find more palatable.

Now that this stupid event has gone outside of the simple act of screwing up our tour budget, and has involved the wrath of our management (who apparently don't appreciate being LIED TO, CHEATED, and CURSED AT... go figure....) the mess is only getting messier. They still haven't provided us with a copy of the contract they forced us to sign on site, and obviously they still owe us the remainder of our fee.

If you have anything you want to say to the thieving lying punks at the Monte Vista you can contact them here: Sean is the manager, Larissa the sourpuss bartender.
800 545 3068

And in honor of this dishonorable event I present to you the F--K MONTE VISTA SHIRT.
Their insult is our battle cry.